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How can Karate help with ADHD/ADD
Children with symptoms of ADD/ADHD, or Asperger should take more exercises
to help them follow instructions, show respect for other people, and calm down.
These exercises are better structured and the children have to be disciplined.
Karate is one of the best exercises that can heip kids with ADHD/ADD
to develop these needed skills to be successful in academic study at
school and social communication in their daily life.
It is worth a try to enroll kids with hyperactivity in karate training.
Even the doctors recommend Karate exercises to the kids with social disability
that is found on most children with ADD/ADHD or Asperger.
Kids can start any adapted program first if their symptoms are severe.
After they are behaving good and getting used to the program, switch to the
regular Karate class. One of the noticeable effects is that the kids will improve
their ability in learning and it will become easier for them to calm down and
finish their work quietly. 


Karate program can help reduce the symptoms of ADHD/ADD, or Asperger,
 but could not cure ADD/ADHD, Asperger.
The effect of practicing Karate on the improvement of Kids with ADHD/ADD,
or Asperger could not happen overnight. It need perseverance and time and
the effect may be different for different kids.
Karate training program could not replace the physicians care.

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Benefits that may result from Karate training
1. Improve concentration by focusing
2. Improve controlling of mood
3. Improve building self confidence
4. Improve discipline
5. Improve mind-body connection by complex motor skills
6. Improve strength, flexibility and balance 

A Proven System to Overcome Your Child's
And no, I'm not going to give you any psychobabble or high brow theories. 
I'm going to teach your child the actual skills of focus, respect, and self-esteem
they so desperately need. 

Are you struggling with a child who has moderate to severe ADD,ADHD or ODD? 
Do you find yourself wondering, painfully, if they will develop the focus and
attention skills they need to be successful in school, and ultimately in life?
Is there a daily struggle in your home with defiance - a lack of control that
leaves you and your child frustrated and angry?
Have you tried medication, supplements, special diets and therapy,
but the problems still remain? 


All children struggle to listen and focus from time to time. All children will occasionally talk back,
and act defiantly. But in children with attention disorders these problems are not a passing phase,
but an ongoing problem. Like the "pebble in your shoe" they are a problem best nipped in the bud
before they can flourish into the severe.
The difficulties, however, don't stop with just focus issues. Because of their attention
disorders these children will often have trouble understanding academic and social
concepts that other children learn with ease. This can lead to an even more 
problematic lack of self-esteem and confidence, which can cause them to act out
even more, beginning a lifetime of "defense mechanisms" that range from
poor peer selection to drug abuse. 


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Imagine the possibilities when we give your child:

A Proven System of Skill Development: No fancy theories
or hard to understand concepts here. Our Instructors
are experts in teaching the actual SKILLS of listening
and focus. Hint: We'll be teaching these to your
child in the very first week!
An Atmosphere of Order, Structure, and Respect.
Even though the atmosphere is friendly and supportive,
Karate is not "play time." You will be delighted to see
how your children develop focus and persistence in
our orderly and structured environment.
Regular Incentives for Effort and Achievement:
The belt system of Martial Arts (your child will
earn a new belt every three months:
White, Yellow, Orange, Green, etc.), regular
positive feedback, and recognition of accomplishment
incentives for improvement, applause, smiles,
and high-fives will systematically lead your
child into the "YES, I Can!" attitude you've always
wanted for him or her.



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