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America's Favorite
This event is open to all styles
There are no restrictions on what form of grappling you practice. 
Skill levels for Kids, Teens, Executives, Masters & Women!
Are you the Best in Grappling 
Grappling & Submission Judoka Hapkido Jiu jitsu
GI Divisions & NO GI Divisions 
96 Divisions 


 Gi Divisions are developed for Men, Women, Children, Teen and Masters
with Belt rankings of 
white, blue, purple, brown and black belt for Gi Divisions.
Age and weight will divide the children and teen Divisions, while Women and Masters Divisions
will be divided by weight alone.
To assure fairness, competitors will only be allowed to compete at their skill level. 

 NO Mixed Martial Arts MMA Competition
at the 2018 Kuro Bushi Martial Arts Championship
No Gi & Gi (uniform) any color will be allow 
We have registration options availble:Smile

Download Registration & Mail in
Day of Event Registration 

Pre-Register: Before May 25, 2018

One Event $45.00  register for a combo package will be allowed to participate

in Karate Divisions $20.00

Registration @ the Door: $60.00 + $30.00 (both Grappling & Karate) 

Additional Divisions $15.00

Spectators $8.00 now - @ the Door: $10.00 


Become A KBMA Grappling Referee
The Kuro Bushi Martial Arts Organization is looking for qualified individuals to referee.
BWMA referees get to participate in the sport they love, they help the sport grow.

To become a KBMA referee you must be well versed with the NAGA Rules and the
 Judoka Hapkido & Jiu-Jitsu rules set forth by the Confederation of KBMA
We are looking for individuals that have a professional attitude and a solid work ethic.
If you fit this description please visit our CONTACT PAGE and email us.
Ring Coordinator
The KBMA Organization is looking for qualified individuals to join our team as
Ring Coordinators. These individuals must; be able to bracket divisions, Keep score, Keep time,
Keep the ring flowing through the entire day, be courteous, and have good communication skills.

We are looking for individuals that have a professional attitude and a solid work ethic.
If you fit this description please visit our CONTACT PAGE and email us. 
We appreciate your help!
All pre-selected staff will also receive FREE General admission and
Complementary Meal Voucher.
Per-selected staff must attend mandatory meeting.
Saturday June 2, 2018 @ 9:15a.m.

Staff is limited: Sending in your application does not guarantee acceptance,
you must receive confirmation. If you are not pre-selected staff, you will be responsible
for standard admission fees $10.00 No Exceptions. Please do not ask.
The 2014 Registration Form is Good for this Year 

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 Street Address:
City, State, & Zip:
Email address:
Phone Number:
Age:(as of January 1, 2018) 
Years of Experience:
Instructor / School:
Emergancy Contact:
Online Registration: If registering online, you must send in your payment to:
K.B.M.A. 435 Ranch Wood Dr. N.C. 28146 After you have submit your online registration
Please send in your payment, failure to submit payment will void your registration and you will not
be added to the competitors list. OR you can pay online now

Click here to make a payment

NO-GI (Grappling)
Division Category:
GI (Jiu-Jitsu) Experience:
Karate Division

If you wish to (cross over) enter both GI & Karate or No-GI you must register for both at the same time.  No Exceptions.  We reserve the right to expand, create, or combine divisions to accommodate competitors or special circumstances.  Information subject to change at the discretion of the Coordinator and Head Referee.

By checking this box, I agree to this waiver.

Enter Name of person who is responsible (Parent or Guardian if child is under 18) and date below:


CLOSING...matches that will take place starts and ends with a handshake, because every one

who competes commands respect. We hope you have a great time at the event and win every match!

However, it is the mathematical nature of competition that half the athletes lose. That is why winning

and losing is only a part of the reason people compete. You test yourself, both bringing out your best,

and inspiring your training in future. You will see the very best athletes in the sport in action, thus

learning more. Grappling is a challenging event. You are admired not just for taking first place, but for

having the courage to compete in the first place. We hope to see you there.

By: Grand Master E. Dukes 

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