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KBMA Wrestling offers Freestyle - Greco Roman & Folkstyle

Doors open @ 8:00am
Start time 10:00am SHARP 

Whether you are looking for a local tournament to hone your skills or are preparing to become an Olympic Champion, the road to success starts with KBMA Wrestling


The purpose of KBMA Wrestling is to provide opprtunities for wrestlers of all styles to compete against the best competition, at the regional, national and international levels. KBMA Wrestling serves parents, coaches and athletes in the most time efficient and cost effective manor, while providing the best experience possible for all involved. KBMA Wrestling aims to exceed the expectations of coaches, parents, officials, volunteers and wrestlers themselves at each and every tournament.

Be Prepared:

 Wrestling tournaments go on all day. By all day, I mean sunup until sundown. Don't make other plans that day. Do not expect to leave at a certain time. Plan to be there the entire waking day and if you get out sooner, you are lucky. You need to be comfortable when your not wrestling throughout the day. Make sure you have a boat cushion chair. You will need food, snacks and drinks... lots of them. Don't forget to throw in the ibuprofen either. Show up on time and make sure your body is ready to go : drink a gallon of water everyday, to keep that healthy diet so you don't gas out, & bring extra clothing. Bring your camera. You learn alot by watching your matches ( win or lose ) and it is FUN to watch how much progress you have made after a year or two. Of corse you can embarrass your kids a decade or two later also... Make sure you have your wrestling shoes and singlet before you get halfway there.

 Get Used to the Enviornment

Find the bathroom and dind the brakets. It is a good  idea to take time to get the lay of the land early on. It increases your comfort level and lowers anxiety over things that should'nt be that big of a deal until they are. It also helps youfind places to get away from the noise, heat and stresses of an all day event. Understand how to get yourself mentally prepared for every match. Let your kid go... cut the cord. Let them experienced a big tournament for what it is. They'll grow so much faster. Never forget that this is your kids journey. Remind them often that you are proud of them and that you are just along for the ride. They will perform better if they are not worried about your expectations.


Don't Fear Losing

Mix it up. It is okay to find some ego boosting touraments to keep things positive, but don't be afraid to go to a tourament and get your butt whipped. Hit the road and wrestle good competiton from all over and then districts, conference, regional and even state touraments won't be so intimidating. You're going to lose. You might lose more than you win, get used to it. Don't let it get to you. Come off the mat after a lost and think about what you could have done or what you will do the next time you face the same opponent. If you are too upset when you come off the mat, you will not be able to learn from that loss. If you lose you are still learning... Observe the 5 minute rule. After a match ends you will have only 5 minutes to cry and scream. Then review what you did right, what you did wrong, and move on to getting ready for the next match. Know how to handle yourdelf when you win or lose. Learn humility. Prtaice sportsmanship. Just because you lost a match or gave up points doesn't make you a loser. It's important to learn what went wrong, where to improve, and look forward to making that improvement, so you do not make the same mistake twice. 

Just Wrestle!

Go into a tournament believing that even if you aren't the top seed, you will give the higher seed the toughest match you can. Do NOT be timid. Don't learn about any of the accomplishments of the wrestlers you may wrestle. Don't worry who he is or where he is from. Don't worry about the brackets and who you wrestle. It doesn't matter how big the building is, the circle on the mat is the same size.


 Singlets with under briefs or a two-piece uniform is required. Guidelines for the two-piece uniforms are as follow: Wrestlers can wear compression or board shorts and a tight-fitting sleeveless, short, or long sleeve shirt. The shorts shall not be excessively baggy or have pockets,, buttons or snaps. Head gear is MANDATORY for all competitors. Shoelaces must be taped! Mouth guards are not required for wrestlers ( even wrestlers with braces), but are highly recommended.




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Wrestlers $25.00 Additional Div. $10.00
Team $20.00pp - Spectator $8.00 5yrs. under TREE - Student $3.00
If you choose to register the day of the tournament during walk-in Registration your cost is
 Wrestlers $30.00 Additional Div. $10.00 - Spectator $10.00 - CASH ONLY AT THE DOOR - Coach's Pass $10.00 is a addition to Spectator or Competitor's Pass. - Coach's Pass will allow you inside barriers to coach your player during wrestling only 



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