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Awesome Karate Birthday Parties



We, here at Dukes Martial Arts Academy feel kids can have
a great time on their birthday. 
You will find all the info you need to plan your child's party. 
If you have any questions, please feel free to call. 
Provide a group martial arts lesson for all who attend the party.
This is a fun filled karate lesson with the Birthday Party child
being the star of the show. 
(Please let us know in advance if this interests you)
All guests will receive a FREE trial program just for attending the party
provided they are not already students of the martial arts studio. 
Fun games and events will be done at the party
NOTE: If the attendees are young, such as 4 or so, we advise you
that you need to find out what types of games they like and can play.
Sometimes we run into 4 year olds they don't know how to play many games at all. 
It's always better to know the games they already know. 
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