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Kuro Bushi Martial Arts 
KBMA Internationai Headquarters
Concord, North Carolina

Anyone in good standing with the Kuro Bushi Martial Arts
can sanction their tournament KBMA is an "Open Rating
Organization, which means it's sanctioned / rated
We are open to all martial arts individual, all martial arts organization,
 all martial arts schools and Promoters.
We rate competitors based on age, division, sex, and belt rank levels
It does not matter what style of Martial Arts you study
It matters that you can compete on a fair, equal level that allows all
competitors to strive to do their best and receive their proper rewards
base on their skills and efforts. 
KBMA rates tournaments from the highest Five-A World rating competitors
earn a certain number of points based on their placement in the divisions
they enter and the rating level of the tournament.
Competitors acuminate points for all KBMA tournaments they enter on a 
calendar year, January through October 30th 
All KBMA Promoters Register on
Karate Tournament Central 

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We will send you your results forms, KBMA Logos
for you to use for your Advertising and Brochures
we recommend all Promoters to know the KBMA Rules
There will be Officials Certification Programs all individual
are required to pay examination fee 
The Program will provide: 
Schedule Official Training Seminars
Regular officials reviewing process for officials to stay up on new rules
Database of KBMA trained officials 
More infomation will be posted soon 

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Join the KBMA Rated Event System
Sign up and see where you stand among other competitors
within your age group. KBMA Rated tournaments are being
held throughout the USA. Giving you many opportunities to
earn rated points so, Get Rated Today 

Places / Ratings     1A   2A   3A   4A   5A

   1st                       22    24   26   28    30

   2nd                      18    20   22   24    26

   3rd                       14   16   18   20    22

   4th                       10   12   14   16    18 

 5th-8th                    6     8    10   12    14




Competitors, Coaches, Instructors, Officials and Promoters
take part in the KBMA Tournaments
At the end of the year any competitor who has joined the KBMA
& has the most points in their division will receive an award at the
To all registered Promoters 
We would like to give to you a token of our appreciation a
3 Days / 2 Nights Hotel Accommodations for Two at your choice of
22 Fantastic Resort Destinations!
GUARANTEE 100% you will get every year as long as you are a 
registered KBMA member 
Have your next martial arts event be rated with KBMA
Competitors come out to earn points towards a true
National KBMA Championship 

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