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Violence in your life today: Making the critical choices
Dukes Self-Defense Instruction

Seminar with Grand Master Dukes
D.S.D.I. Official Training Course
Combat for a Modern World
I will show you what you can do, not show you what I can do,”

Life can throw some scary things in our way
At times, this includes those who present a real danger to our safety.
What's the key in these situations is being
physically and emotionally prepared to handle the challenge.
Being prepared is why so many women and men, as well as
hundreds of law enforcement agencies, train D.S.D.I., it keeps
them from becoming victims.


In a real knife attack the victim is usually seriously injured
in the first second of the attack and the fight is over with
in five seconds. You need to know how to survive.
You will learn knife Avoidance:
How to survive full speed and full contact

Would you know what to do if someone attacked you with a knife Click Here

You are in a Hostage Situation

How to Disarm an Armed Attacker


Front Gun Attack


Private Lessons and Groups

When you arrange for a self-defense class for your group, you are doing more than giving them great safety skills. You are doing more than educating them on real risks and attacker tricks. You are providing an experience in lifelong learning. You are empowering those you care about, and these skills will help them as they go out in their community and succeed.Your custom program can be as small as an individual lesson for a few hours, or a couple of family and friends on a weekend afternoon. Or your custom program can be a whole girl scout troop, soccer team, book club, charity league, family, any group seeking to enhance their quality of life!
The most often requested formats are one 3 hour session,
 or two 2 hour sessions

Business Seminars/Workshops

You care about your company. You care about your employees, clients, or tenants.You want to foster an environment where productivity is up, sick days are down, and offers from competitors do not lure away your best people and customers.When you add a women's personal safety/self-defense seminar as part of your benefits or amenities package, you show you really value them as people.Classes are fun. The women will feel empowered. Safe Capable and these are good feelings for your people to have. Strategic Living teaches at your business. Learning on their own home turf makes women feel more comfortable, increases participation, reduces time off the job, and helps them remember that their employer/service provider/manager really does care.


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