Revive Life Academy



Sensei Tina M. Dukes

Nidan Second Degree Black Belt 


Tina stated learning martial arts under Grand Master Dukes 2007
As her training continued, her and Grand Master Dukes invested
many hours learning about the true art of Karate under
Grand Master Victor Moore 10th Dan in the small town of Lumberton, N.C.


As the years passed she was promoted and belt after belt
she was then brought to the point of testing for her Nidan Black Belt
After completing all requirements in the Masubayshi Shorin Ryu Karate
and in full accrdance with The Black Warrior Martial Arts Organization,
was honored and promoted to the rank of Nidan Second Dan
It was a proud day October 10th, 2012
when Tina Dukes was presented with her NEW Rank




She continues to learn and has been teaching the beginning
white belts during class
As she continues to learn the art, Tina is learning
Okinawan Kobudo Weaponry





Sensei Tina prior to coming into the martial arts, she was an 
established gifted teacher of children
She has brought with her the special gift of teaching
This has helped immensely with our younger students as
they have begun to grow not only in the art but in their focus
and determination
 Tina Dukes has been an encourager and a great asset to the
organization, Grand Master Dukes, the students, and parents
2008 she was honored at the BWMA Hall of Honors
Most Distinguished Board Member



She can hold her head high not to overshadow, but to humbly
show each and everyone that with good old fashion hard work,
determination, and persistence, you can accomplish
whatever you set your sights upon. 

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